Stallion Challenges: From the Kaimanawa Wilderness to the Show Arena

From the author of the bestselling book For the Love of Horses, comes an epic new journey to rescue wild Kaimanawa horses from the biennial cull.


Follow television stars Vicki, Kelly and Amanda Wilson on their quest to train 10 wild, difficult and sometimes dangerous Kaimanawas for competition in the first national Stallion Challenges.


Can the Wilsons change these horses’ fate? Share the heartbreak, the pain, the elation and the success as they take on their greatest challenge yet.


ABOUT THE Kaimanawa Horses

New Zealand’s Kaimanawa horses are found on the North Island’s central plateau. Descended from army horses, farm escapees and those let loose on the roadside, Kaimanawa herds now roam free on the Kaimanawa Ranges. Unfortunately, herd numbers outweigh the food sources available, and every second year the Department of Conversation musters up to 200 of the horses to keep the numbers at around 300.


The horses are re-homed by Kaimanawa Heritage Horses if possible – or sent directly to slaughter if there are not enough homes available. At one time the majority of the Kaimanawas mustered were sent to the abattoir, but in recent years the increased publicity the Wilson sisters have helped generate has made a huge difference. In the 2016 muster, every horse was saved from slaughter – the first time this has ever happened in over 20 years of mustering.

Reviews from Readers

Such amazing books! Easy to read and get lost in. I am not a massive reader but I read your first two books in a matter of days. During my ankle surgery rehab it was something that helped me rest, relax and dive into some wonderful true stories. Kelly had a truly natural talent for writing which is aimed at all ages keeping children and adults engaged and wanting more! Wonderful books I cannot wait to read the rest! – Emily


I'm absolutely in love with your books! They are so inspiring and I have found some of your training methods to be helpful for me and my pony. Your books have inspired me to get out and do more with my pony and make the most of the beautiful country we live in. Someday I would love to train my own kaimanawa as I think it would be a great experience – Nikita


Stallion Challenge is just amazing I have learnt so much from that book😆 and all the things I have learnt I have tried on my horses and they have worked amazingly!! It is so inspiring to me and I'm sure lots of others. You are such a good writing and I can always understand all the words (because I'm 13) And I can't wait until your new books come out so I can read them!!! – Casey


You have inspired me for 6 years straight and have taught me many Equine and Life related things. One of the my favorite things in life is made by you Kelly; Your book's! I love all your books but my favourite is Stallion Challenge. The moment I Saw it under the Christmas Tree I feel on love with it. Why,You ask? The Pictures,When you first open the book you get welcomed by A stunning Stallion That shows the true Beauty of the Kaimanawa's. You and Amanda Have true Talent for Photography. They story is layed out so well. You have your text and a photo next to it. Its helps when I can't imagine the text in my head, but that doesn't usually happen because you write so well. - Grace Xx


We have all of Kelly's books...picking our favourite is way too hard. Kelly writes in a way that captures the reader right back to their childhood, or sets the scene of their adventures as adults with the wild horses. Kelly, Vicki and Amanda, you have captivated me and my girls. Thank you. - Liz Tritschler 


I have been simultaneously reading Kelly's non-fiction along with reading aloud the Showtym Adventure series with my son and daughter (and Harry Potter in equal measures the kids beg for more chapters of both!!).

I am in the last chapter of 'Stallion Challenges' and hesitate to finish the book as its journey is nearly done and I don't want it to end! I have learned so much and been inspired by the Wilson Sisters journey both the highs and lows of saving wild horses, mixed in with the regular activities of their show jumpers and I look forward to diving into either 'Saving the Snowy Brumbies' or 'Mustang Ride' next (one of which my friend has borrowed, returned and gotten the next one).

As for the Showtym adventures I am further inspired to greater horsemanship with my own horses and finding a suitable pony for my children so I can better share my love of horses with them. My daughter especially is nagging me as to when I will be at the library again to get the next book in the series. I find Kelly's writing to be relatable at both levels of readership and the extras in pony care in each of the Showtym books most valuable. Thank you Kelly, Vicki and Amanda for so willingly sharing your experience and knowledge of horses, benefiting both horse and human. - Samantha Chandler 


My daughter Libby is so obsessed with horses and has a number of your books. Her favourite is Stallion Challenges, she's read it multiple times and it's always the main book next to her bed. Reading about the 2014 muster inspired us both and helped develop her obsession with horses. She's been counting down the days for the release of your latest book! - Karen Symons 


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