Wilson Sisters


Vicki, Kelly and Amanda Wilson are prominent figures on the international equestrian scene, renowned for their successes at the highest levels of showjumping, taming wild horses across the globe and their world-class horsemanship.


Their passion for showjumping has established them as some of New Zealand’s most competitive riders, with both Vicki and Amanda competing to World Cup level and having won many of the nation’s most prestigious classes and national titles. Unlike her sisters, showjumping is just a hobby for Kelly, who has competed to Pony Grand Prix and 1.30m level; she equally enjoys photography, writing and taming wild horses.


Since 2012, the Wilson sisters have spent their off-seasons travelling the world to tame wild horses and advocating for New Zealand’s Kaimanawas, the American Mustangs and the legendary Australian Brumbies. Their work is featured in the hit-rated television show Keeping Up With The Kaimanawas and two documentaries, as well as Kelly’s bestselling books For the Love of Horses, Stallion Challenges, Mustang Ride, Saving the Snowy Brumbies, Taming the wild, Ranger, the Kaimanawa Stallion and the junior fiction series Showtym Adventures.


The Wilson sisters’ gentle, yet effective, methods of training horses have seen Vicki catapulted onto the world stage, winning back-to-back titles in Road to the Horse, the US$100,000 World Championships of Colt Starting, in 2017 and 2018. Her extensive knowledge of all things equine, along with her ability to relate to audiences of all ages, has led to her attending some of the world’s leading equestrian events as both an educator and an entertainer, as well as hosting clinics worldwide.


Vicki, Kelly and Amanda’s humble upbringing and down-to-earth personalities have made them admired role models, inspiring and encouraging people of all ages. Known for their determination, passion and clean-living lifestyle, these three Kiwi sisters are committed to improving horse welfare on a global scale.

Wilson Sisters

Photographic highlights from Vicki, Kelly and Amanda’s work with horses.

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