Showtym Adventures 2: Cameo, The Street Pony

The second book in an exciting new junior fiction series inspired by true stories from the Wilson Sisters' childhoods. The adventure continues — training a street pony into a show pony!


In the second Showtym Adventure, Kelly receives an unbroken pony. Will she gain the confidence to train and ride her?


When nine-year-old Kelly Wilson outgrows her pony, her mum surprises her with a beautiful steel-grey mare that she spotted trotting down the street, tied to the back of a truck. But there’s a catch. Cameo has never been ridden!


While her sisters Vicki and Amanda are jumping higher than ever before, Kelly must face her fears on an untested pony. Will Cameo ever be ready for competitions? And will the girls’ ponies hold their own against the purebreds at the Royal Show?


A sequel to Dandy, the Mountain Pony, this exciting story of setbacks and success, in which Vicki, Kelly and Amanda Wilson first experience the thrill of serious competition, is inspired by the Wilson sisters’ early years.


About Cameo

Cameo, with her sweet and kind-nature, was one of our favourite childhood ponies. As a foal she was black, with a blaze and four white stockings and over the years she faded to a steel grey, then a dapple grey, until finally she was completely white. She was born in 1993 in the Far North of New Zealand, and in 1997 she was spotted trotting through the main street of Kaitaia, towed behind an old rusty truck, by our mum while she was recovering in her hospital room. Cameo stood at 13.2hh and for many years was right in the middle of all our adventures. She enjoyed farm and beach rides as well as Pony Club and competitions. She was a highly successful all-rounder with many wins at A&P shows, dressage formation rides, cross country, show hunter, show-jumping and games competitions. You will meet Cameo’s good friend, Caspar, in the next book in the Showtym Adventures series, as well as read all about Dandy and Cameo’s ongoing adventures!

Reviews from Readers

"Yesterday I went and bought Cameo, The Street Pony. I couldn't put it down and finished it in a day. It is an amazing story on how to overcome fear, and the journey it takes you on is overall amazing. I love how Kelly has her list and Vicki is more than happy to help (although Amanda's cheekiness is some of the best)! I cannot wait for the next book and Kelly's books just keep on getting better and better." - Rylee (12 years)


“I really liked it because it’s a really cool story and I like how Vicki still spends time with her horse but also trains Cameo, and that even though Kelly was nervous to ride Cameo she did it anyway. And I like reading about all the competitions that the Wilson sisters' enter in with their horses. Thanks for writing these amazing books!" - Madison (7 years)


"My 6-year-old daughter loves me reading your books before bedtime, she says they 'set her up for good dreams'. She now really wants her own pony... a big pony so I (her mum) can ride it too - we have your Dandy, the Mountain Pony book as well and were interested in the bit where your mum purchased the taller grey from the herd for herself to ride. Pretty cool!" – Nicky


My 12-year-old daughter loved the book and we do used it within 3 days. She even asked to go to bed early so that I could help her read it. My daughter (and myself) not only enjoyed the story, we were able to discuss the powerful messages within it. Such as overcoming fear, support and gratitude from and for others as well as building live person friendships with horse. Looking forward to the next one! – Ewan


I bought this book for my 11 year old daughter and when she realised what book it was she had rather shiny eyes! And proceeded to read it that afternoon from cover to cover! She absolutely adored it and can’t wait for the next one!! She gives it 5/5 stars!!! - Tori


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