Hi I'm Kelly Wilson

For me and my sisters, Vicki and Amanda, our love of horses has taken us from humble beginnings to showjumping at the highest levels, taming wild horses on three continents and adventuring to every corner of the globe.


It has also inspired in me a love of writing, photography and motivational speaking. From the Kaimanawa Ranges of New Zealand, to the Wild West of America, and the Snowy Mountains of Australia, I have been privileged to learn from taming and observing wild horses firsthand, and have found purpose in sharing my journey in the hope that it inspires others to advocate for the welfare of all horses.


Growing up, I would never have dreamed that I’d become a bestselling author, award-winning photographer, reality television star, wild-horse tamer, equestrian or adventurer; I am truly humbled by the opportunities that have opened up from pursuing my passions. My life has been truly blessed by horses, and I am so thankful for the life-changing journey they have taken me on.


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Over the years I’ve developed a love of travel and adventure, alongside my affinity for horses, writing and photography! From taming wild horses, to riding camels across the Gobi Desert and ice climbing, I enjoy travelling the world with my camera and sharing these adventures with you.


I hope you enjoy these real-time stories and that they inspire you to have big dreams, too!



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