Showtym Adventures 4: Cheesy, The Welsh Pony

The fourth book in an exciting new junior fiction series inspired by true stories from the Wilson Sisters' childhoods. Diamonds in the rough — will these unwanted ponies find love?


In the fourth Showtym Adventure, Amanda must earn the trust of a beautiful but wild Welsh stallion. Will Chessy ever be safe enough to ride?


Seven-year-old Amanda Wilson dreams of training her own wild pony, just as her sisters have done.


Then comes the chance she has been waiting for — a muster of beautiful Welsh ponies that have run wild in the hills.


Among them is Chessy, a striking stallion, and just the right size for Amanda. But small doesn't equal easy, and first Amanda must prove she has what it takes by training a stroppy mare from Pony Club. Will Chessy ever be safe enough to join Amanda on her crazy adventures?


Vicki and Kelly must help Amanda to win her pony's trust in this engaging story of perseverance and reward inspired by the Wilson Sisters’ early years.


ABOUT Chessy

Chessy was an 11-hand chestnut Welsh, with a flaxen mane and tail. He was born semi-wild in  Northland and when we got him he was a five-year-old stallion that had never been touched. Under our guidance he became the ultimate kids pony and joined us on many adventures. Our favourite memories are leading him out with our pet calves and pig, and digging for treasure on the farm.

Reviews from Readers

My favourite Showtym Adventures book is Casper, the Spirited Arabian because it was cool how Vicki could jump bareback and bridleless on a once difficult Arabian! - Emma


My favourite book is definitely Casper the Spirited Arabian... Watching how Vicki turned a neglected Arabian into a chilled out beautiful pony! All of your books have really inspired me and so many young riders. Thanks you for sharing all your journey's with us 😁 - @moo_knight


I love this book soooo much as it’s so inspiring and it has taught me to never give up and to always have faith in your pony and in yourself! I also love it because it’s such an addicting book to read and it hooked me in the second I started reading it!!! You guys are such an inspiration to me and are such amazing role models! When I’m having trouble with my pony, or I fall off, your books have taught me to get back on and never give up until I reach my goasl! -


All the books are amazing! But I would have to say Casper, the Spirited Arabian was super inspiring and reminded me of my Arabian and her story! - @edelleofficial


My favourite book is Casper the Spirited Arabian because it taught me that with hardwork work and patience even naughty ponies can be trained into beautiful show ponies. (And Casper looks like my pony)! - Lily, 10


Casper the Spirited Arabian has inspired me to one day soon break in my own colt, with the confidence and and commitment that Vicki did. Overall a fantastic book, and DEFINITELY would recommend. - Charisse, 12


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