Showtym Adventures 3: Casper The Spirited Arabian

The third book in an exciting junior fiction series inspired by true stories from the Wilson Sisters' childhoods. Vicki’s biggest challenge yet . . . to transform a dangerous pony!


In the third Showtym Adventure, Vicki takes on a dangerously bad-tempered Arabian. Will she be able to uncover his potential?


When Vicki hears about a difficult Arabian that no one wants, she will stop at nothing to save him. Years of misunderstanding have left Casper wayward and mistrustful, but Vicki senses a gentle soul beneath the pony's rough exterior.


Vicki must learn the importance of patience and compromise to have any chance of winning over the high-strung gelding. Will Casper ever trust humans again? And will Vicki be able to uncover the potential she sees in the spirited Arabian?


This story of self-discovery and second chances, in which Vicki, Kelly and Amanda Wilson first help a misunderstood pony to trust again, is inspired by the Wilson Sisters’ early years.


About Casper

Braeburn Casper was born in 1993 and came to live with us in the autumn of 1998. Under Vicki’s love and guidance, the 14.1-hand, grey Arabian gelding transformed into a highly successful and trustworthy all-rounder, proving that every pony deserves a second chance. By the end of their first season together Vicki and Casper had won their first Champion Hunter and went on to compete in show jumping, games, cross country and dressage competitions. Although he won countless champions, Vicki’s favourite memories are of riding him bareback at home, using only her voice and legs to guide him. She trusted Casper with her life and accomplished things with him she’d only previously dreamed of. Casper lived with our family for many years, before the Bennetts convinced us to let him retire to their farm. He lives there to this day and has taught countless kids to ride. 

Reviews from Readers

“The classic template of all great pony books - the girls with big hearts and absolutely no money who find an unloved pony and with hard work and natural talent...make them a champion against the odds” - Stacy Gregg, author of Pony Club Secrets, The Sapling


My favourite Showtym Adventures book is Casper, the Spirited Arabian because it was cool how Vicki could jump bareback and bridleless on a once difficult Arabian! - Emma


My favourite book is definitely Casper the Spirited Arabian... Watching how Vicki turned a neglected Arabian into a chilled out beautiful pony! All of your books have really inspired me and so many young riders. Thanks you for sharing all your journey's with us 😁 - @moo_knight


I love this book soooo much as it’s so inspiring and it has taught me to never give up and to always have faith in your pony and in yourself! I also love it because it’s such an addicting book to read and it hooked me in the second I started reading it!!! You guys are such an inspiration to me and are such amazing role models! When I’m having trouble with my pony, or I fall off, your books have taught me to get back on and never give up until I reach my goasl! -


All the books are amazing! But I would have to say Casper, the Spirited Arabian was super inspiring and reminded me of my Arabian and her story! - @edelleofficial


My favourite book is Casper the Spirited Arabian because it taught me that with hardwork work and patience even naughty ponies can be trained into beautiful show ponies. (And Casper looks like my pony)! - Lily, 10


Casper the Spirited Arabian has inspired me to one day soon break in my own colt, with the confidence and and commitment that Vicki did. Overall a fantastic book, and DEFINITELY would recommend. - Charisse, 12


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