Showtym Adventures 6: Pepe, the Beach Stallion

The sixth book in a bestselling junior fiction series inspired by true stories from the Wilson Sisters' childhoods. It’s a whole new world . . . rescuing an injured stallion!


In the sixth Showtym Adventure, Vicki will stop at nothing to save a crippled beach-racing stallion.


When Vicki and her sisters discover that horses are roaming on country roads because the locals can't afford to fences contain them, their eyes are opened to a whole new world of hardship.


Then Vicki meets Pepe, a prized beach-racing stallion crippled by mistreatment. The owner can’t pay for a vet and, fearing the beaten horse may die, the Wilsons take Pepe in.


Will Vicki be able to save the injured racer? And will Pepe accept his new life after galloping at full speed?


This story of hope and recovery is inspired by the Wilson Sisters’ early years.


About Pepe

Pepe was a real beach-racing stallion, who stood at 14 hands high. He was born in 1994 in Northland, New Zealand, and came to live with us in 2000. He really was taken from his owner without permission and ridden to the pub, before being galloped home for 26 kilometres. The damage to his hooves left him crippled, but under our family’s care he made a full recovery and went on to become a fabulous jumping pony.  Because Pepe had only ever been raced and had always done everything at full throttle, he was a completely new challenge for Vicki. He required months of patient retraining to learn the skills he needed to thrive in Pony Club and competition environments. He went on to become the ultimate all-rounder and Vicki had a lot of fun with him. The plight of the horses escaping onto the roads and being shot by the council is also true. Fortunately, many of these ponies were saved by the Bennett family and they still own one of the original horses today, as well as several of their offspring.

Reviews from Readers

Love all of the Showtym Series books they were all amazing ! 🤩 Read all of them multiple times. - @allyfaire.equestrian_nz


When I got the new book I didn’t want to start reading it because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to stop! I love the books also because they show how your life wasn’t easy when you were younger. It is inspiring to see were you have come from. - Molly, 12


Kelly is my favorite author, so of course I can't choose just one book to review. So I will just say all your books are inspiring and a very interesting read! I love you all so much. - Miya, 11


I love the Showtym Adventure books as they have inspired me to work with horses in the future and to create a bond with my ponies that will last a life time. It really would be a dream come true to meet the Wilson sisters. You have inspired me to showjump and to be bold when I'm riding and not to face down at a challenge. So far I am flying higher than I ever thought I would. - Elise, 14


I buy the children's series for my grandies and have sneaky reads. I love how the characters are growing with the series. Pepe, the Beach Stallion is both empathetic - putting yourselves in the shoes of those struggling - and informative as you explain how to do (and not do) aspects of riding and care. Can't wait for the new book! - Diane Thomson 


My little sisters love your showtym adventure series! Whenever I see them once a year in Singapore I always bring over the next one for them. It's such a nice way for them to experience and learn the nz horsie life through your own memories and stories. They'll always ask me " are these true stories!? " and be excited that i know the famous author 😉 you inspire kids all over the world Kelly ❤ - Yazmin Todd


My family loves all your books, the younger lot enjoy the Showtym Adventure series and the older people (myself included) enjoy all of them. - Sarah Ridley 


I loved how a crazy beach racer turned into a calm competition pony, it was cool how he took Kelly round his first cross country course after one ride! I really enjoyed the story. - Caitlyn 10yrs



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