Showtym Adventures 1: Dandy, The Mountain Pony

An exciting new junior fiction series inspired by true stories from the Wilson Sisters' childhoods. Let the adventure begin . . . taming a wild pony!


In the first Showtym Adventure, Vicki must train her own wild pony in order to continue her dream of riding.


When nine-year-old Vicki Wilson’s beloved lease pony is sold, she is heartbroken. Her family doesn't have much money, and she is desperate to have a pony of her own so she can keep riding.


Then Vicki has the chance she has been waiting for, to tame and train her own wild pony! How will she earn the trust of her beautiful new chestnut? And will Dandy ever be quiet enough for her to ride at Pony Club or compete at Ribbon Days?


This story is inspired by the Wilson Sisters’ early years, where Vicki, Kelly and Amanda Wilson first encounter horses in the wild and learn what it takes to make them champions.


About Dandy

Just Fine ’n’ Dandy is a real pony and the events in this book really happened! Dandy is a 13.2hh, chestnut Welsh gelding, with a blaze, three white socks and a large brown birthmark on his right hind leg. He was born in 1992, on on a volcanic mountain in Northland, and was mustered in 1996 when he was four years old. He lived with our family for six years, being tamed by Vicki and then ridden and competed by all three of us, before we eventually outgrew him and he went to a younger rider. He was a versatile all rounder, competing in Pony Club events, dressage formation rides, cross country, showjumping and game competitions, recording many wins. He was also awarded Supreme Champion Show Pony multiple times. You will meet Dandy’s best friend, Cameo, in the next book in the Showtym Adventures series and find out more about his ongoing adventures!

Reviews from Readers

“The classic template of all great pony books - the girls with big hearts and absolutely no money who find an unloved pony and with hard work and natural talent...make them a champion against the odds” - Stacy Gregg, author of Pony Club Secrets, The Sapling


I specifically collect pony stories from the 1920's to the 1970's... basically the one's I grew up with (I was born 1st August 1963 - so am an "Old Nag") but I have definitely been adding these stunning stories to my collection... I especially love the examples given of a family working together to achieve a goal, the moral that patience & perseverance wins through. – Debi


I have always bought any book from any store with a horse on the front for as long as I can remember. Out of the thousands I've collected I've loved the Showtym Adventures series by far the most. Even though I'm 18, I'm a little kid at heart and love reading these small novels. I feel like I'm in the story. These stories are so similar to my horsey journey, because I can't afford expensive horses, so definitely feel like I'm reading a book about myself. Absolutely love all of your books and they all have a special place on my bookshelf. – Keiasha


I just got Ranger, the Kaimanawa Stallion and Dandy, the Mountain Pony for my daughter, I read them both last night whilst she was at gymnastics. Amazing books. Especially dandy, I had tears in my eyes a couple of times! - Trudie


Kelly..... THANK YOU! My daughter who resists reading as she finds it tricky couldn't get her nose out of Dandy the Mountain Pony. My three girls love your books and are constantly fighting over them. They are so well written you can nearly hear you reading the adventures to us. We love your adventures and stories. Please don't ever stop writing!! – Liz


From a mum of a kid who would rather be doing anything than reading... I thank you kelly for creating another book that hannah will read, understand and be inspired by. - Phil


Your books are a ‘must’ read for any pony mad person, young or old! - Jo


My favourite part in Dandy, the Mountain Pony is when they muster him of the mountain. It reminds me of all the kaimanawa’s that are mustered and rehabilitated.  - Jasmine Smith, age 14


I bought Dandy the Mountain Pony for my girls last Christmas and my girls absolutely love it!! I loved it to! It’s beautifully written, in easy to understand language, and filled with beautiful life lessons and examples that help to unconsciously support empathic horsemanship! I am excited to add to our Kelly Wilson collection again this Christmas, and will continue to do so until we have them all! Thank you Kelly for continuing to share your families stories and rich life experiences ❤️ - Tam Nowlan


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