Taming The Wild

An inspiring guide to acquiring, training and riding your very own wild horse.


Wild Kaimanawas set her on a journey of self-discovery, teaching her not only the language of horses, but the powerful impact they can have on our lives.


In Taming the Wild, Kelly Wilson shares her training philosophies for creating happy horses that love their lives among humans.


From learning how to read a horse’s body language to taming a horse and starting it under saddle, this book is the ultimate how-to guide for everyday people training their own horse, whether wild or domestic.


It is also the personal, uplifting story of the 24 wild horses Kelly helped save from slaughter during the 2018 Kaimanawa muster, and the experience of mentoring 10 riders as they tamed their very first horses.


Full of breathtaking photography, Taming the Wild will educate and inspire novice and experienced riders alike, or anyone who wants to better understand the wild ways of these exquisite creatures.



What an awesome book, it really lays out the steps of taming a wild horse in an understandable way. I love the gentle approach and the respect for the horse throughout the book. Reading the trainers stories was interesting also, and the challenges and triumphs they faced. Now that more people are taking on Kaimanawas I think this is an essential and timely book.😁 - Dee Mac


 Absolutely beautiful book… jam packed with amazing insights into how the horse thinks. I have every single book of Kelly's. She writes in way that you don't want to put the book down....ever. Thank you again for sharing your journey and knowledge. - Liz Tritschler


Amazing book like your other ones.. loving the journey and knowledge shared!! - Jude Possumgirl


 I am loving reading Taming the Wild and remembering all of the little “firsts” that I went through with Massey. Even after he came home from Kelly’s, it was months before he would take a carrot from my hand and I was so excited when he finally did. It’s a great reminder of how far he has come 😍 - Jenna Crowley Snalam


Awesome, really insightful information on what you need for your first wild horse (or even young unbroken horse)! It’s great to be able to learn through your journey! - Stephen Brown 


Exceedingly well written, in a way to help you understand what you are achieving. It is a great source of information to apply to wild horses and ponies. - Gemma Parry 


Awesome book Kelly! Hayley couldn’t put it down after Equidays and now finally I am getting to read it! Fascinating read and a great reference tool as well - love it! 💕 - Jodie Fenwick 


Taming the Wild is is very readable and a much needed comprehensive resource for anyone thinking of taking a Kaimanawa on, or for someone who did so but is now stuck in their training progression. It has utility for more than that though - the skills Kelly imparts are relevant for anyone working with horses. I use them on both Feijoa and my riding horse all the time, to work through things that come up, or new things I want to teach. I use them when helping others with their horses. I love that I can now find solutions and ideas just by reaching for my copy. - Madeleine Jane Richards


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