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Road To The Horse: The night before

Road To The Horse: The night before
22nd March 2018

Tonight the public got to meet the 2018 stars of Road to the Horse for the first time! Past winners, hosts, competitors and of course the 11 colts were introduced, of which just six will compete over the next three days of competition.


Vicki's top six has been narrowed down to five horses now and she's been reviewing video footage of her favourites to further determine the order in which she ranks them.


Tomorrow morning the 2018 World Championships of Colt Starting will kick off with the opening ceremony, followed by the horse selection and the first day of training. Last year Vicki had two 90 minutes sessions to tame and train Kentucky, before the 45 minute final, but this year she has just two 120 minutes sessions to tame TWO colts!


We are so looking forward to watching Vicki do what she does best, and would love to say a HUGE thank you to her amazing fans who are in the grandstands - so many people came up and introduced themselves and it's truly humbling to know she has the support of so many.


She is looking forward to representing New Zealand, and also all the cowgirls out there! If you're at RTTH we'd love to see you - the whole family is here so pop on over to Vicki's stand .



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