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Road To The Horse 2018:  The day before

Road To The Horse 2018: The day before
22nd March 2018

It's a beautiful sunny day in Kentucky and the snow is melting! We had an early start watching the horses loose in the Alltech Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park this morning and it was good to see them moving.


For Vicki, her main focus when choosing her horses are that they are sound, confident and move out well. There's a few horses that were on her short list this morning that have been dropped off - and a few other 'invisible' horses which we didn't notice last night that have made an impression out in the open.


Because each trainer will train two horses, and worst case scenario your second pick is the 6th horse to be selected, Vicki has to have six horses lined up to choose from. Getting her favourites won't be a given and it will be interesting to see the final selection of each trainer as they're announced tomorrow morning.


We get one more chance to see the horses tonight, in front of the public, and Vicki's order of preference is sure to change again.


We'll keep you updated as the day progresses and let you know her horse selection as soon as it's final.



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