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Greys among the Rocky Tors: Australian Snowy Brumbies, Wild Horse of the World

Greys among the Rocky Tors: Australian Snowy Brumbies, Wild Horse of the World
10th August 2018, Herd 8

Backtracking we returned to the herd of brumbies we'd seen at dawn, in the shadows of a hill. Now they stood poised on the top of the skyline, their coats outlined from the early morning sun.

Gathered among the rocky tors stood an impressive dapple grey stallion who reminded me of the Brolga from the Silver Brumby series. He was powerful in build and blended into the rocks and snow which surrounded both him and his herd. 

Off to one side stood two grey bachelors, always grazing close. Sometimes too close; the stallion flying at them with teeth bared if they ventured near his herd. 

As I photographed these impressive horses; this time alone as my travel companions had grown bored of sitting with them for several hours at this point, the young grey foal ventured closer. With my attention on the grey stallion who now stood in front of a rocky outcrop, I continued photographing, lost in what I was doing. It wasn't until I felt a warm breath and the nuzzling of a muzzle against my back that I realised the foal had crept up behind me and was letting his curiosity get the better of him.

Cautious the stallion would become protective, I kept a wary eye on him as I wanted for my new friend to lose interest, but the dapple grey continued to sleep, his eyes closed and a hind leg resting as the weanling finally lost interest and returned to his mother.

This is the eighth in a series of 12 blogs about the Snowy Brumbies; to read more visit (keyword: Wild Horses of the World)



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