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Road To The Horse 2018:  We have arrived!

Road To The Horse 2018: We have arrived!
22nd March 2018

We've all arrived in Kentucky and what a reunion! 


It's been wonderful catching up with many of our friends from Australia and America, plus we have over 30 people from New Zealand that have flown over to cheer Vicki Wilson on in person!

The theme for this years Road to the Horse, the 2018 World Championships of Colt Starting, is LIVING LEGENDS. Aptly named because only previous winners of the World Championships have been invited to compete.

It's certainly winter over here, with snow blanketing the grounds of the Kentucky Horse Park and the horses have thick winter coats. The day was spent visiting a Thoroughbred stud farm, then practicing Vicki's demonstration on Dan James stallion Top Gun (who she used last year in her SILVER PEGASUS performance). This year they've practiced something totally new, although she did perform it once with Showtym Spotlight in New Zealand many years ago.

The remuda from the 6666 Ranch were unloaded at 6pm this evening and the representing World Champions lined the fences to access the horses as they unloaded and settled into yards. This opportunity to view the horses is so important as it allows the competitors an insight into the horses natures, conformation and movement - all things that are crucial when selecting which two, of the 12, horses they want in their pen to tame over the three days of competition.

We've made notes for every horse and will see them again tomorrow morning, as well as the afternoon. If it's anything like last year Vicki's top picks will change drastically over the next 24 hours. By Friday, when the competition begins she'll be confident she has chosen the best horses that she feels are suited for the task ahead - then it will be a lucky draw to see if she gets the 1st and 6th picks, or the 2nd and 5th picks, or the 3rd and 4th picks!

We'll be uploading photos and updates daily as Vicki defends her title against two of the worlds most respected horseman, Dan James from AUS (2012 winner) and Nick Dowers from USA (2016 winner). It's going to be a huge four days!



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