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Brumbies at Sunrise: Australian Snowy Brumbies, Wild Horses of the World

Brumbies at Sunrise: Australian Snowy Brumbies, Wild Horses of the World
10th August 2018, Herd 7

On the dawn of our third day, we traveled the length of the Snowy Mountain Highway passing a number of herds hidden in the shadow of valleys, where the sunrise had yet to reach. Hoping for better light we continued on to Kiandra and to our delight came across a herd of dark brumbies silhouetted on a small rise near Three Mile Creek.

Walking carefully, so as not to spook them, we captured a few photos before the horses took flight, snow flying as they disappeared from sight. Optimistic that they'd stopped just over the brow of the hill, we followed after them, coming across 25 horses which had been grazing just out of sight.

A grey stallion stood proudly in the distance with two greys flanking him, and three steel grey bachelors grazed not far off. The rest of the horses made up two herds, many of which were greys - a colour iconic for this region - and they all mingled among each other.  

For over an hour we enjoyed their company. Several times they spiraled around us, trotting eagerly up to investigate and we also saw a half-hearted stallion fight between two lead stallions. Every circle of life was represented; from young foals and temperamental mares who chased yearlings off in a flurry of bared teeth, right through to old stallions that had lost their herds. 

This is the seventh in a series of 12 blogs about the Snowy Brumbies; to read more visit (keyword: Wild Horses of the World)



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